Outsourcing services

We source the talent for you

We have built an extensive network of talented professionals and a far-flung relationship with leading agencies. With our all-inclusive knowledge of the market in the areas of IT, accounting, and customer services, we can provide you with perfect outsourcing services that put your business first.

I.T. services for business

With our expertise in IT staff outsourcing and recruitment we can help your organisation to get dedicated, smart, and passionate professionals. We will take care of the entire process of finding you the right staff, recruiting them, maintaining the payroll, and retaining them.

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Accounting and bookkeeping

Our team can help you to be on top of your numbers. Our efficient, internationally qualified accounting professionals can recommend streamlined and automated systems, processes, and strategies to enhance your accounting process and free up your precious time.

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Customer Support and Administration

We are known as ‘experts’ in turning ordinary customers of small to medium scale businesses into loyal customers. Our aim is to provide you with the right customer support agents who can tackle all inbound issues that your clients have with your business and help your business grow and flourish.

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We will look after you and your business.


How it works

You may want to outsource for any of the following reasons

  • To cut cost
  • To free up more time to focus on the key areas
  • To venture into new things at the lowest possible cost
  • To get access to a global pool of talent
  • To drive growth
  • To manage risk and continuity

You name it, we have a tailored solution. Our outsourcing process consists of 3 simple steps as follows:

Step 1

Understanding your business objectives

Our experienced staff will have an open-heart discussion with you to understand your needs precisely. We will then provide a competitive quotation with a customised solution for your business requirement.
Step 2

Search and recruit talent

Based on your requirements, we will advertise and recruit the right professional talent from our talent pool.
Step 3

Onboarding and support

Our staff will not stop at just recruiting, they will assist in onboarding as well, and will provide ongoing support throughout the whole journey.
VKonnect Solutions

Benefits of outsourcing


Reduced costs

Save more than 50% by outsourcing some of your work overseas

Scale-up whenever you want

We can help you to scale up fast with results-driven, proven solutions already in practice

Cost and time effective

Our efficient outsourcing professionals will take care of outsourced areas allowing you to free up time to focus on other business growth strategies.

Attention to details

We hire professionals who have an eye for details which will allow them to exhibit accuracy and perfection while accomplishing tasks.

Access to world-class expertise

Get access to top-notch experts and avoid costly mistakes and miscalculations that will lead your business into trouble. Stay up to date on the latest trends and compliance by outsourcing.

Share your risk

Shift the risk from your business to the outsourcer and stop worrying about risks like employees going on leave without meeting the deadlines.

Enhanced speed

You can get things done much quicker by assigning time-consuming tasks to outsourced professionals.

Enhance employee and client satisfaction

Let our outsourced professionals operate the backend work, while your in-house employees focus on building better client relationships. Thus, improve both customer satisfaction and employee confidence

Focus on what matters

You can concentrate your skills on strengthening and improving the core processes that help make your business more profitable.

Peace of mind

You will get peace of mind that tasks are being handled expertly and efficiently without you having to worry much.