The ‘silver lining’ to the COVID-triggered skilled labour shortage

If there’s a silver lining to COVID-19, it’s that it made Australian businesses recognise that you can still successfully – if not better operate your businesses without sacrificing its productivity and employee welfare.

The pandemic clearly accentuated the demand for outsourcing. The notion of looking globally to build a team and scale has become more accessible with the advent of technology.

Currently, migration is still recovering since the borders were re-opened thanks to the lengthy visa processes and high taxes, most businesses fear that the labour shortage will stifle the economy.

Since the golden goose was pretty much shot, the labour shortage will further drive-up inflation by triggering a wage surge thereby increasing the cost of goods and services.

National Australia Bank (NAB) being one of the big four lenders – established technology centres in India and Vietnam because they just couldn’t find local staff.

If this labour problem goes unresolved, the post-pandemic economic opportunity will be one that is wasted.

How outsourcing can fix the labour shortage in Australia

Enter VKonnect: we can be the solution for your business when it comes to overcoming the challenges of labour shortage. It’s a more cost effective and simpler way to handle additional/routine work in your company.

Here’s how we can fix it – and improve it:

Tap into the best talent pool

Usually, hiring local employees limits a firm’s capability to search for suitable talent for their roles. Outsourcing expands this by giving you access to a larger talent pool you can tap into even if they are miles away.

Get the right talent at the right price

We will take care of everything from hiring and managing a team to recruitment to certifications, on a subscription model basis.

Improved processes

Free up energy, time and resources and focus on your core business and leave the admin tasks to us. At VKonnect, we are very hands on with our clients’ outsourced processes to help replicate and scale them in the future.

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