What tradies must know if they want to grow their business

What tradies must know if they want to grow their business

Be a master of what you do and don’t try to be a jack of all trades because being a tradesman and trying to do all the work yourself can cause irreparable damage to your business. It is akin to playing a tug-of-war sport alone, the probability of winning is lower. You can do only so much work.

So, what is the solution? It is outsourcing!

The following are 9 reasons why you, as a tradie, must outsource your admin work to the experts.

1) Don’t do all the work yourself:

If you are the one who does all the work apart from your main job, then it is high time you need to give it a serious thought. You must have a system in place that can take care of all the non-revenue generating admin tasks such as bookkeeping, scheduling, ordering of materials, invoicing and payroll, paying bills, safety procedures, and timesheets– which do not fall under your main job.

2) Focus on growing your business rather than struggling with low revenue generating tasks

As the business owner, your focus should be on building the business by focusing on getting the work done on time and to a high standard. To expand your business, you should be focusing on the marketing and sales of your business.

With so many important jobs on your plate, you don’t have time to be doing the admin side of things. So put your heart and soul where your expertise is valuable

3) Do what you are good at and let a specialist do the admin work

With a flourishing housing market at the moment, tradies have become busier than ever. Small business owners are spending too much time on admin work at the cost of doing less fieldwork and reducing the potential income.

4) Get rid of stress and sleep better

By outsourcing, you can not only reduce your stress, but you can sleep better knowing that your work is in good hands, and your productivity and your income are increasing.

5) Embrace technology

Technology has become a vital part of every business process and when it comes to the trade industry, it is still in a primitive state. By outsourcing, tradies can have access to the modern, cloud-based software and tools that can streamline the business process leading to higher productivity and profit.

6) Save your time and money

According to a survey conducted, tradies have admitted that having to do paperwork is a terrible time killer.  They spend a lot of time on tasks such as preparing quotes and administration work which leads to a huge loss of business and money.

Outsourcing the general admin tasks that others can do is the ultimate solution that will not only save you time but is more cost-effective.

7) Outsource and chase after your dreams

Focus on the vision of your business, and the ‘why’ factor of your business. Whether you are a painter, landscaper, carpenter, electrician, or handyman, outsource the tasks that put a heavy burden on you and take back your precious time to chase after your dreams.

8) Identify the blind spots in your business

Identify and overcome your blind spots by hiring someone from outside who can see weak areas of your business that you didn’t notice.

9) Outsourcing is cheaper, so why not?

Hiring a permanent in-house staff is much more expensive than hiring an offshore outsourced employee such as a bookkeeper.

Identify your non-revenue generating activities

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